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RailTech Conferences & Exhibitions

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RailTech.com is a global platform that organises conferences and exhibitions for rail professionals to share their knowledge, learn about new technologies and to network with peers. RailTech.com is part of ProMedia Europoint, which has been organising international rail conferences and exhibitions since 1997. Read more >>

Upcoming Rail Events:

Intelligent Rail Summit 2016

The Intelligent Rail Summit 2016 will take place between 22 – 24 November in Naples, Italy. In cooperation with Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), Europoint organises the Intelligent Rail Summit which will cover three areas of expertise:

With an expected number of over 500 railway professionals this event is a must attend for rail professionals. The event will take place at the Railway Museum in Naples. The conference offers a podium in order to discuss the developments and their directions, in a international setting. Read More >>

UIC Innovation Awards

The 3rd edition of the UIC awards ceremony will take place in Saint-Petersburg in December 2016. Research is a core value of the International Union of Railways (UIC) and is at the heart of the whole railway sector in order to provide the best answers and solutions to meet the challenges that will lead train to become the backbone of tomorrow’s transport through its innovations, especially in safety, energy efficiency or customer services.

It is in this double perspective of the development of efforts in research and innovation especially among students and young engineers, but also of the promotion of railways as a safe, sustainable and economically dynamic mode of transport, that have emerged the UIC Innovation Awards. Read More >>

RailTech 2017

RailTech 2017 promises to be bigger than ever with broad support from the entire railway sector. The event is organized in cooperation with the Dutch Railways (NS), Dutch Infrastructure manager (ProRail) and railway associations: Holland Rail Industry, Railforum and The Royal Dutch Transport Federation (KNV). Over 7500 international railway professionals are expected.

RailTech 2017 is reinventing itself and will focus on the future. In addition to the expo, a promising high-level conference program and a large and interesting free-of-charge workshop program also form part of RailTech 2017. With career matchmaking between exhibitors and visitors, live (on-track) infrastructure demonstrations, train maintenance and rolling stock, exclusive side visits and many other new features, RailTech 2017 promises to be future proof. Read More >>