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Danish rail infrastructure manager Banedanmark is moving forward to deploy and commission the European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS). Two first lines equipped with the solution will put into operation from December 2019 to February 2020. The key benefits of ERTMS deployment for Denmark are the improved energy consumption and on-time performance, believes Jens Holst Møller from Banedanmark. “The ERTMS-based signalling...Read more
|Comment|author: Mykola Zasiadko
Lastochka train of Russian Railways, source: Russian Railways (RZD)

Russia tests new cross-border link to Finland

Russian Railways has tested the new cross-border route to neighbouring Finland. It connects Saint Petersburg and Imatra, a Finnish city close to the border with Russia. The test journey was performed by the Lastochka train,...Read more
|Comment|author: Mykola Zasiadko
81-765 train for Tashkent Metro, source: Transmashholding

Tashkent Metro upgrades train fleet

Uzbek public transport company Toshkent Metropoliteni has received five new metro trains of 81-765 type. The four-car vehicles were produced and delivered by Russian manufacturer Metrovagonmash. In the coming future, 45 more metro trains of...Read more
|Comment|author: Mykola Zasiadko