The lower speed of passenger trains does not reduce the vibrations near level crossings. This was concluded by Dutch rail infrastructure manager ProRail and national railway operator NS after three-month tests in the province of North Brabant. ProRail intends to examine other solutions regarding the reduction of the vibrations. ProRail and Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) launched the joint investigation on request of...Read more
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Ukraine to lease major train stations

Ukrainian Railway (UZ) intends to launch the public-private partnerships for reconstruction of seven major train stations. It will lease the station buildings to private companies. The project is arranged with the technical assistance of the...Read more
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Øresundståg X-31 train, source: Wikipedia

Another stage in ERTMS deployment in Scandinavia

Sweden and Denmark continue to move further in ERTMS deployment on their railways. Therefore, several operators and transport authorities have concluded an agreement with Alstom for installing its Atlas ETCS onboard equipment in 77 electric...Read more
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Robot Pepper at London St Pacnras station, source: Robots of London

Robots assist railways

The spread of coronavirus around the world and particularly in Europe has made the use of unmanned technologies more vital. In this regard, robots could be a solution for cleaning and disinfecting trains or stations....Read more
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Elecrtrified railway in Latvia, source: Latvijas dzelzceļš

Latvia cancels electrification of railways

Latvian national railway company Latvijas Dzelzceļš (LDz) has cancelled its planned and ongoing projects to electrify the country’s railway network valued at 441 million euros. At the same time, LDz requires the financial bailout from...Read more
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Track replacement in the Netherlands, source: ProRail

Transformation of ProRail: what does it mean?

“Since ProRail is functioning so well, why would you want to alter it?”. And so began a talk by Deputy Secretary-General Jan Hendrik Dronkers from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management on the transformation...Read more
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Disinfecting trains with titanium dioxide

Disinfecting trains with titanium dioxide

Polish regional railway operator Koleje Śląskie is testing an innovative method in cleaning and disinfecting its trains. To this end, the company has started to use titanium dioxide that is regarded to be more effective...Read more
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New extension for UK’s largest tram network

Manchester Metrolink, a tram network in Greater Manchester, has received the 5.5-kilometre extension. The new route known as the Trafford Park Line connects the Pomona stop in the town of Eccles to the Intu Trafford...Read more
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