According to DB Netz the repairs of the German railways after the recent flooding will cost at least 1.3 billion euros. After an initial estimate, the railway manager speaks of a repair job of ‘unprecedented proportions’, and warns that some repair work can take years.Read more
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concept render of the Vittal One, image: Talgo

Talgo joins with Repsol for hydrogen trains

Spanish train manufacturer Talgo joins forces with hydrogen producer Repsol. Talgo is already developing a project to manufacture hydrogen-powered trains, as part of the Basque Hydrogen Corridor initiative, launched in February this year. Repsol will...Read more
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Flooded railway in Germany, DB Regio

Railways flooded in Western Europe

Heavy rainfall has severely impacted rail traffic in western Europe, in the south of Belgium, west of Germany and south of the Netherlands. Railway lines are flooded, and sometimes completely washed away, and a Belgian...Read more
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