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Latest edition: RailTech Year-End Special 2022

December 2022 – We cover a variety of topics at RailTech.com, ranging from rail infrastructure and technology to rolling stock and new trends and initiatives in international train travel and ticketing. This Year-End Special, our very first edition, is a reflection of that.

It features interviews with the likes of CER’s Executive Director, Alberto Mazzola and more. We cover the latest news with the Dutch branch office of voestalpine Signaling Siershahn, while OTIV, a Belgian provider of autonomous technology, explains why rail is the perfect use case for assistance systems and autonomous driving.

We also reflect on the acquisition of Sqills by Siemens Mobility with the CEO Bart van Munster and sat down with our partner Hexagon to discuss how good asset management can make railways safer and more reliable. Related to that, KRAIBURG STRAIL shares with us all you need to know about its polymer sleepers, which contain no harmful substances and do not release any contaminants.

International train travel continues to make headlines, and benerail’s Mark Mallants and Leen Dewicke explain how to travelling with ease can come within reach, and Turnit founder Andres Osula highlights the approach of Sweden to multi-modal ticketing and what other countries can learn from it. One of the new businesses aiming to offer international journeys is European Sleeper. Co-founder Elmer van Buuren tells us more about the preparation for the company’s first night train service.

Passenger comfort, on long distances or short, is important. FleetShield explains why something as simple as tinted windows can have a big impact. Finally, we cannot not discuss the labour market at the close of a year like 2022. RailApp details how the sector can be certain in an increasingly tight labour market.

As you will have gathered from the outline above, the past year has been interesting for a variety of reasons, and we look forward to covering the most exciting news and stories from the sector in the coming year. We wish you all a wonderful 2023.

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