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December 2023 – In Europe, there is a notable surge in the demand for available rail infrastructure, propelled by the urgent need to achieve climate targets through a shift to more sustainable transportation modes. The rail industry, contending with challenges arising from ageing infrastructure, is facing mounting pressure to innovate. Embracing digitalization and cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence is deemed essential to improve overall efficiency and relieve the strain on the labour force.

The Intelligent Rail Summit (IRS) held on November 6 and 7, 2023, brought together nearly 100 participants to delve into various subjects. These encompassed intelligent and automated rail asset management, the future of onboard monitoring technology, and advancements in sensor technologies. Discussions also centred around optimising data for decision-making and maintenance, tackling rail-specific challenges. Noteworthy case studies, including those from projects like Poland’s CPK and Rail Baltica, were presented, offering a detailed exploration of the challenges and opportunities linked with Greenfield developments.

For further insights, a selection of articles on these topics is available in this Digital Magazine. If you’re interested in joining the discussion, mark your calendar for the next edition of the Intelligent Rail Summit scheduled for November 12 and 13, 2024, in Tallinn, Estonia.

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