RailTech Digital Magazine | International & high-speed trains

Our editorial team has published a special RailTech Magazine themed ‘International & high-speed trains’. 

International and high-speed trains are in the spotlight as they can play a large role in the transition to sustainable mobility. Night trains are making a comeback, for example as part of the Trans Europ Express 2.0. Collaboration is needed to realise an extensive and reliable cross-border railway network which passengers can easily book, so it becomes an attractive alternative to flying.

This magazine features interviews with Enak Ferlemann, Germany’s previous Parliamentary State Secretary for Transport and Digital Infrastructure about the Trans Europe Express 2.0, and with Philippe Lorand, Senior Advisor at the UIC Passenger Department about the revival of night trains. Read European Passengers’ Federation board member Arriën Kruyt‘s column about the hassle of booking an international train and an interview with Torkel Patterson, board member of the International High-speed Rail Association about  dedicated high-speed rail lines, and why going underground could be the future.

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