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UK Strike dissent and division

Could one union be about to strike, while another is about to strike a deal? That is the question that faces negotiating teams on both sides of the long running and increasingly bitter round of...Read more
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UK strikes: permission to make an offer

It could be the breakthrough that the British nation has been waiting for. The recently appointed UK Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, has done what none of his short-tenured predecessors have done, and has opened the...Read more
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UK: The billion pound strike

No UK rail strikes in the past week, nor any planned for this week, but that doesn’t mean the cost to industry has gone away. Estimates from financial sources put the cost to the overall...Read more
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Britain’s strikes overview

Britain is in a week of rare calm in a summer of Industrial stormy weather. That however, is all about to change. With another heatwave on the way this week, industrial relations are about to...Read more
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One UK dispute solved – eight more break out

A long-standing dispute in Scotland, between the publicly owned ScotRail and the trades union ASLEF, which represents drivers, has been resolved. On the same day, however, eight more operators – all in England – fell...Read more
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UK Strike: end of the beginning

Saturday, June 25 was the third and last of the one-day strikes called by the trades union RMT. After a huge ballot mandate, the union called out members from most passenger train operating companies in...Read more
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Storm clouds gather over UK rail strike 

The executive of the trades union RMT is scheduled to meet later today (Tuesday 7 June) with the country braced to expect the announcement of strike action later in the month. After an overwhelming vote...Read more
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