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TAC Summit preview: ‘Changes to access charge methods in UK could threaten rail’s competitiveness’

Potential changes to how track access charges in the UK are calculated could present a threat to rail’s competitiveness. That’s the warning from rail economics expert Professor Chris Nash. who will be speaking at the Track Access Charges (TAC) Summit in Amsterdam in April.  The method by which access charges are calculated and applied is… Read more ›

TAC Summit: ‘Era of track charging based only on cost allocation is over’

While EU policymakers push forward with their vision of a single European railway area, one area of intense debate in the freight sector is track access charges (TACs), and how infrastructure managers and rail operators can work together to ensure a more transparent and fair system. Few are best placed to examine this issue than… Read more ›

First speakers Track Access Charges Summit 2018

This week the first speakers of the Track Access Charges Summit 2018 are announced. Dr. Heike Link, Senior Research Manager at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin), Justina Hudenko, Chairman at SJSC Latvian Railway group companies and Chris Nash, ITS Leeds Research Professor will present their view on track access charges for railways.  The Track… Read more ›

Trials with self-driving trains in Groningen and the Betuweroute to start in 2018

In 2018, ProRail is going to test self-driving trains on the regional network in Groningen and the Betuweroute. The track operator will carry out these tests together with a number of railway operators and the Province of Groningen. This was announced last week by Alfons Schaafsma, Innovation and Development Advisor at ProRail, during the Intelligent… Read more ›

WannaCry virus was ‘wake-up call’ for railway industry

The infection of the Deutsche Bahn systems by the WannaCry virus earlier this year was a wake-up call for the management of Deutsche Bahn, explained cyber security expert Christian Schlehuber from DB Netz AG during the Intelligent Rail Summit 2017 in Vienna. The incident received international media attention as passenger information screens at train stations… Read more ›

Photo galleries of the Intelligent Rail Summit 2017

Railway experts from all over the world shared their views on Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Cyber Security in Rail during the Intelligent Rail Summit 2017 in Vienna. The organisation has published the photo galleries of the two day conference. Pictures Intelligent Rail Summit 2017 – Day 1 Pictures Intelligent Rail Summit 2017 – Day… Read more ›

Cyber threat presents ‘challenging conditions’ for rail: IRS2017

‘Industrial espionage, blackmail, political motivation…’ – just some of the reasons why cyber criminals might want to target the railway industry. Those were some of the observations of Christian Sagmeister of ÖBB, speaking on the second day of the Intelligent Rail Summit (IRS) 2017. Sagmeister, Head of Railways Systems at Austrian national rail carrier ÖBB,… Read more ›

Intelligent Rail Summit 2017 – report about the ATO conference

Automatic Train Operation (ATO) was the theme of the first day of the Intelligent Rail Summit in Vienna, Austria, which featured live webcast coverage for those unable to attend. The day’s proceedings were chaired by Professor Dr Rob Goverde, Professor of Railway Traffic Operations and Management at Delft University of Technology, and he introduced the… Read more ›

Watch Intelligent Rail Summit 2017 – live webinar

A webinar of the forthcoming Intelligent Rail Summit in Vienna from November 28-30 means anyone who cannot attend in person can follow it all online. There is still time to register to attend this vitally important event in the rail calendar, but this year’s new webinar feature makes it easy to follow all of the… Read more ›