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Watch Intelligent Rail Summit 2017 – live webinar

A webinar of the forthcoming Intelligent Rail Summit in Vienna from November 28-30 means anyone who cannot attend in person can follow it all online. There is still time to register to attend this vitally important event in the rail calendar, but this year’s new webinar feature makes it easy to follow all of the… Read more ›

Setting the safety standard for ATO in heavy rail operations

Ensuring a sufficient degree of safety is one of the key challenges for Automatic Train Operation (ATO). Whilst ATO applications already exist in metro systems, it is a relatively new development within the domain of heavy rail operations. Setting the safety standard is therefore a challenging job, according to Richard Koch of Ricardo Rail. Richard… Read more ›

All systems go for Lima Metro 1’s ATO upgrade

The Peruvian capital Lima’s Metro Line 1 upgrade is a vital project for both city and country. Line 1 will eventually switch to full ATO operation to match the UTO GOA4 proposed for Line 2, where a 90 second headway is required. That’s where Julian Holmes comes in. As Principal Consultant SE&I, Signalling & Train… Read more ›

‘Railway managers should be more aware of cyber threats’

Railway systems were traditionally not the open access systems as they are today. Although new technologies are applied, the railway industry has not kept up with these developments and many players involved believe they are not affected by the cyber security threats that have come along.  Lovan Pushparatnam has an important message to the industry…. Read more ›

‘Don’t get smart in a stupid way’

His company won the tender for the provision of 2,000 Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to Dutch infrastructure manager ProRail, and these sensors will be rolled out in the coming months to monitor point heating and other rail assets in The Netherlands. The contract fits perfectly in the curriculum of the company, which provides IoT… Read more ›

Professor Rob Goverde invites you to the Intelligent Rail Summit 2017

Automatic Train Operation aims at transferring the responsibility of train operation from the train driver to the train control system. At the Intelligent Rail Summit 2017 the challenges of ATO for mainline railways will be discussed. Professor Rob Goverde of Delft University of Technology, who will be the chairman of the first conference day, invites… Read more ›

Personal invitation for the Cyber Security in Rail conference

With the upcoming of IT and software in railway systems, the railway sector become more and more vulnerable for cyber attacks. At the second day of the Intelligent Rail Summit 2017 expert speakers will explain how these systems can be protected against hackers. Conference programme manager Marieke van Gompel, who will be the moderator of… Read more ›

‘A common understanding of cyber security necessary in the railway industry’

Digitalisation is truly a mega trend, but not many people are talking about cyber security. It is the most crucial step in the entire process of developing a product; you need to ensure that your system is secure and avoid vulnerabilities at all cost”, says David Rogers, who currently works as a business development manager… Read more ›

Wiener Linien’s driverless metro: how it will change Vienna’s underground

He calls it a horizontal elevator. After all, the elevator used to be operated by a person and it was quite some adjustment when people had to go up and down all by themselves. Stepping into a driverless metro will require the same ability to adapt, but people will get used to it, Nikolaus Panzera… Read more ›