Ukraine urges Romania to ‘do its job’ for two more cross-border lines


Ukrainian Railways has restored two border crossings with Romania, hoping to establish additional railway routes between the countries. The railway company now urges its Romanian counterpart do ‘do its job’ on their side of the border.

In recent months, Ukrainian Railways has rejuvenated the cross-border lines of Rakhiv-Berlebash (19.3 kilometres) and Teresva-Câmpulung la Tisa (1.1 kilometres). The first connects the Romanian hub of Constanta with Kyiv, while the latter connects to Uzhhorod, on the border with Slovakia.

Railway chief Alexander Kamyshin labels the efforts the ‘Iron Euro Integration’. Image:

More border capacity needed

The lines were closed 11 and 15 years ago, respectively, but there is a clear need for more capacity on the border today, Alexander Kamyshin, CEO of Ukrainian Railways, explains on Twitter. “As of today we have two border connections with Romania, and that is where we have the longest waiting line. By adding these new border connections we can add up to six more trains a day, that’s another 3,5 million tons of cargo per year.”

The restoration overs only a small part of the railway line, namely the part on the Ukrainian side of the border. “Now Romanian Railways has to do its job and rehabilitate 16km kilometres on the Romanian side. And then we will have another acting border connection for cargo and passenger transportation”, Kamyshin writes.

Finding new ways out for export

Ukrainian Railways is working hard to improve its connections with the EU, especially now that rail freight is playing a large role in the export of grain and other produce. The role of Romania in this has grown since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. The country is developing new railway connections and terminals, realising its potential, but according to critics this could be done faster.

In the meantime, other transit routes are established. Earlier this month a rail link between Ukraine and Moldova, closed since 1999, was reopened. The 22-kilometre-long railway line connects Berezyne in Western Ukraine to Basarabeasca in Southern Moldova. “We strive to build new infrastructure connecting us with the EU, even during the war. That’s how we increase cargo exports and facilitate our passenger mobility”, the CEO of Ukrainian Railways explains.

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Author: Majorie van Leijen

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Joachim Falkenhagen|31.08.22|22:14

Open railway maps shows a larger gap in the Rumanian (dual gauge) tracks west of Sighetu Marmatiei. The track to Constanza involves a gauge change. Gauge change equipment probably is also defunct after 11 years or more.
The route to Basarabeasca in Southern Moldavia bypasses Transnistria.

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