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Railforum is an organisation which functions as a think tank for 85 companies and organisations that contribute to the train/metro and tram transportation in the Netherlands. The central theme within this platform is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences, to increase and quicken public and commercial interest. For this Railforum offers its services and takes care to spread this knowledge amongst other sectors, government and institutes for scientific research.

Broadly based platform
One of the main goals at Railforum, is to provide a broad platform in which the exchange of knowledge can be facilitated amongst their members. All companies and organisations are members, with a common denominator of sharing specific importance to public interest concerning person based railway transportation and railway based transportation of goods.

In this light, Railforum unites transportation companies, contractors, consultants, governmental organisations and financers, and provides a platform in which they can actively participate in the opinionated public debate. It provides a setting in which the whole railway branch can find common ground, despite “real world” conflicts of interest. Themes and opinions on important public issues are prepared together with the members. In projects, this body of knowledge from our members contributes to provide new and interesting insights usable and applicable to all members. Advice which is given by Railforum is based on facts that have been gained objectively and independently and can contribute to the larger body of research and knowledge on the general issues pertaining to mobility as a whole.

Railforum is also “partner in knowledge” of 30 consumer and industry organisations, like Rail-Tech Europe, umbrella organisations and educational institutions with which we share knowledge and experience.

Young Change agents
Railforum also facilitates the financial and organisational network of approximately 600 young professionals in the broad rail sector. They organize among other meetings, study trips and company visits. The aim is to exchange knowledge, thereby stimulating innovations in the sector.

Corina de Jongh
Manager Railforum

Author: Marieke van Gompel

Marieke van Gompel is editor-in-chief of RailTech.com, RailFreight.com and SpoorPro.nl, online magazines for railway professionals.

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