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Railforum supports RailTech!

Railforum is an organisation which functions as a think tank for 85 companies and organisations that contribute to the train/metro and tram transportation in the Netherlands. The central theme within this platform is to facilitate...Read more
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Nominees for the Rail-Tech award announced

The organisation of Rail-Tech 2015 has announced the ten nominations for the Innovation Award. The Innovation Award goes to a company with innovative ideas or solutions for the railway sector. The nominees will present their...Read more
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Dutch Railway Investments 2015 and beyond

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment is to invest 2.4 billion euros in the Dutch railway infrastructure in 2015. 1.2 billion will go to infrastructure management, maintenance and rail replacements. Approximately one billion euros will be...Read more
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New home for RailTech 2015!

We are please to (re-) introduce you to Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the new home of RailTech 2015. The multifunctional Jaarbeurs venue has a very extensive infrastructure and well-equipped halls for RailTech and especially for the placement...Read more
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