Poland will construct 104 new train stops

Poland’s government plans to construct 104 new train stops across the country. In addition, 96 existing halts will be improved or modernised. The entire project is designed for 2020-2025.

In general, the declared governmental programme relates to 200 stops. As a result, the Polish officials call it ‘Programme of 200 stops’. It will cost around 1 billion zlotys (around 220 million euros). “For the amount of 1 billion zlotys, we intend to build new railway stops, rebuild those that have not existed for years and extend the platforms where long-distance trains cannot stop. This is another instalment of our government’s struggle against communication exclusion,” Poland’s Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk said last Thursday, on 7 May, during the presentation of this investment programme.

Support for local contractors

At the same time, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda added that this project will be a powerful tool to support the local contractors. “You don’t need international companies for this. We want to support Polish entrepreneurs. The ‘Programme of 200 stops’ is also a good piece of news for even small construction companies,” he said.

Programme details

All the 200 stops mentioned in the programme could be divided into several groups. 104 train halts will be constructed from the ground. Meanwhile, 51 existing stops will receive the extended aprons, 23 stops will be improved in terms of accessibility and 22 stops will be reconstructed or modernised. In a regional breakdown, the largest number of halts will be constructed and upgraded in Lublin Voivodeship (21), Masovian and Silesian Voivodeships (19 per each). At the same time, only two halts will be upgraded in Opole Voivodeship.

New stops

As for the new train stops that had never existed before, there are other leaders among the Polish regions. Masovian Voivodeship, the largest and most populated one in Poland, will receive 10 halts. West Pomeranian Voivodeship will get the same quantity of new stops. Four of them will be constructed in the city of Koszalin. Nine new halts will be built in Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The exact location for the planned new stops will be chosen after the consultations with the local authorities in order to provide better connectivity for the inhabitants.

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Author: Mykola Zasiadko

Mykola Zasiadko is editor of online trade magazines RailTech.com and RailFreight.com.

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