Topic: Predictive maintenance

Smart bolts by Strainlabs

Behind Vossloh and StrainLabs’ Smart Bolts

INTERVIEWSmart bolts with an integrated sensor for remote monitoring, developed by the Swedish start-up Strainlabs, are one of the first Internet of Things (IoT) products to be monitorable on the Vossloh connect platform. RailTech discusses...Read more
|Comment|author: Emma Dailey
Monitoring checkpoint in Austria

How is train monitoring in Austria and Europe developing?

Partner articleAustria is a frontrunner in Europe when it comes to monitoring of trains. ÖBB Infrastructure and voestalpine Signaling are currently installing checkpoints where multiple monitoring solutions are combined. How can this improve operations of railway...Read more
|Comment|author: Esther Geerts

From data to predictive maintenance at ÖBB

“To get a complete and clear picture of the rail infrastructure, it is important to organise data so it speaks the same language”, says Erik Pinter, track analysis expert at Austrian Railways ӦBB. There might...Read more
|Comment|author: Esther Geerts

Magazine ‘Intelligent Rail’ out now

Our editorial team has published a special RailTech Magazine themed ‘Intelligent Rail’. With many interesting interviews, it dives into intelligent rail infrastructure, data platforms, and condition monitoring.Read more
|Comment|author: Esther Geerts