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LED-lights for level crossings in Belgium

Infrabel, the Belgian rail infrastructure manager, has announced a comprehensive action plan aimed at enhancing safety and punctuality across the railway network. The initiative comes in response to a rise in incidents at level crossings...Read more
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Georges Gilkinet, Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium (top), Benoît Gilson, CEO of Infrabel (left), and Gwendoline Cazenave, CEO of Eurostar (right)

Wallonian trains soon to be solar powered

Belgian rail infrastructure manager Infrabel is building the Avernas photovoltaic park adjacent to the “Leuven-Liège” high-speed rail line. Expected to be operational within a year, the park will comprise over 3,800 panels, providing power to...Read more
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Work progresses on the RER network around Brussels

Work on the Regional Express Network (Réseau Express Régional or RER) is progressing on the two lines to the south-east of Brussels. Ottignies station is undergoing a complete reconfiguration of its facilities, while the L124...Read more
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Balde Diao driving a train (Photo: Infrabel)

Balde Diao: “Swiss Army Knife” of Infrabel

INTERVIEWAs ‘first technical train driver’, operator of Infrabel’s largest railway crane, and team leader on construction sites, Balde Diao is a true “Swiss Army Knife” who “wouldn’t change his job for anything in the world,”...Read more
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Flooded parking facility for trains in Norway after heavy rain in the night of August 27

The increasing impact of heavy rainfall on rail

Climate change adaptation  With multiple railways hit by flooding in the past weeks, it becomes more and more visible that extreme rainfall can have a devastating impact on railway infrastructure. What are rail infrastructure managers doing to prepare...Read more
|Comment|author: Esther Geerts