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New wrapping for SNCF TGVs

French Athlete Trésor Makunda adorns SNCF TGVs

To mark the occasion, starting from April 17, exactly 100 days before the commencement of the games, Trésor Makunda, a para-athlete with SNCF Voyageurs and an employee of the TGV-INTERCITÉS department, who is visually impaired...Read more
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SNCF TGV-M adorned with Ballon Girl by Banksy.

SNCF announces collaboration with Banksy

In a groundbreaking announcement that sent shockwaves through the art world, the illustrious French SNCF Group revealed a clandestine partnership with none other than the enigmatic virtuoso of urban expressionism, Banksy. Unveiled today, this collaboration...Read more
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