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Frecciarossa 1000 train Paris-Lyon-Milan

Trenitalia business booming in Switzerland

interviewTrenitalia has recently finalised an agreement with the Swiss railways to acquire five additional new Giruno trains. These trains are scheduled to commence operation on Italian routes by the end of 2025. Domenico Scida, Director...Read more
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A year of works for French-Speaking Switzerland

French-speaking Switzerland is gearing up for another year of significant maintenance and development projects. While the majority of these initiatives will have no impact on traffic, about twenty operations will require special measures. Read more
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Geneva Airport now part of SWISS Air Rail network

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS), Switzerland’s national airline and part of the Lufthansa Group, and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) have further enhanced their collaborative SWISS Air Rail network by incorporating Geneva Airport into its...Read more
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