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Bordeaux saint-jean train station (Shutterstock)

New funding for LE TRAIN

France’s first private high-speed rail company to offer inter- and intra-regional services, LE TRAIN, announced today that it has finalised a new financing round worth 8 million euros and is preparing to start its service.Read more
|Comment|author: Emma Dailey

Talgo breaks Iberian gauge speed record

A Talgo Avril unit hit 360 kilometres per hour between Ourense and Santiago on Wednesday, breaking the speed record on the Iberian gauge. Hitting this speed was part of commission and certification process of 15...Read more
|Comment|author: Nick Augusteijn

Renfe to upgrade and modernise 43 train sets

Renfe has commissioned Talgo to upgrade its Class 730 trains and Class 130 units. The interiors will be modernised for increased passenger comfort. The overhaul will be carried out at Talgo’s factory in Madrid.Read more
|Comment|author: Nick Augusteijn