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Luxembourg, the only EU country to run an all-ERTMS network

French-speaking countriesSince its mandatory introduction in 2009 for all new EU-funded rail projects, the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) has been gradually installed across the trans-European rail networks, including Train Control (ETCS) and GSM-R digital...Read more
|Comment|author: Alexander Molendijk
Oberdorf railway station (source: BLS).

Weissenstein Tunnel to undergo renovation

The Weissenstein Tunnel, a crucial link in the Solothurn-Moutier railway line, will undergo extensive renovation starting March 4, with closure to rail traffic until the end of 2025. The closure coincides with the Swiss rail...Read more
|Comment|author: Emma Dailey

A year of works for French-Speaking Switzerland

French-speaking Switzerland is gearing up for another year of significant maintenance and development projects. While the majority of these initiatives will have no impact on traffic, about twenty operations will require special measures. Read more
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