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Bane NOR prepares Bergen line for ERTMS

The Norwegian rail infrastructure manager Bane NOR will carry out extensive track works on the Bergen line in the coming week in preparation for the new signalling system ERTMS. The company will also be replacing...Read more
|Comment|author: Esther Geerts

Bane NOR launches digital track monitoring system

Norway’s Bane NOR will be utilising sensor monitoring to improve maintenance predictability and thereby reduce stoppages and increase punctuality. To that end, it has launched a digital track monitoring system and accompanying app, which will...Read more
|Comment|author: Nick Augusteijn

Northern Norway Line back on the cards

The Norwegian ministry of Transport has commissioned the Norwegian Railway Directorate to conduct a conceptual design study into the proposed Northern Norway Line. A report is due in the summer of 2023.Read more
|Comment|author: Nick Augusteijn