Banedanmark prepares electrification between Vejle and Skanderborg

Previous electrification works near Lunderskov 2017, Banedanmark

Banedanmark, the Danish infrastructure manager, is currently preparing for the electrification of the busy main line between Vejle and Skanderborg to accommodate electric trains. To make room for traction current, several bridges are being rebuilt between Fredericia and Aarhus. Due to the ongoing work, Banedanmark will have to close the track between Vejle and Skanderborg from May 1 to May 8.

Banedanmark aims to minimise inconvenience to travellers as much as possible. To accomplish this, they will be assembling the barriers on the track so that they can work in many places simultaneously. The work involves rebuilding 34 bridges on the 104-kilometre stretch between Fredericia and Aarhus. The existing bridge on Østerbrogade in Vejle will be demolished and replaced with a new, wider one. This will eventually make it possible to expand the road from two to four lanes. Further north, at Silkeborgvej in Horsens, the bridge has already been raised. However, follow-up work on the spurs and planned reinforcements of the foundations will be carried out here.

Traffic disruptions

“We know that the main line is important for many commuters, and our work may therefore cause disruption. Therefore, as far as possible, we always try to assemble the barriers in the track so that it inconveniences travellers as little as possible. Fortunately, it has been possible this time to find a solution where we work in many places in the track at the same time,” says construction manager Jørn H. Jacobsen. To minimise inconvenience to travellers, DSB will deploy train buses on the line for the first week of May while the track is closed for safety reasons. Banedanmark advises passengers to keep themselves updated regularly on the DSB website and the Travel Plan.

A greener Denmark

The electrification of the main line between Vejle and Skanderborg is part of Denmark’s larger goal to electrify the country’s rail network to reduce emissions and improve sustainability. The use of electric trains will significantly reduce the transportation sector’s carbon footprint. Electric trains are more energy-efficient than diesel trains, which emit large amounts of greenhouse gases. Banedanmark’s work on the rail network is a crucial step towards the implementation of sustainable transportation in Denmark. The electrification of the main line will provide a cleaner and more efficient mode of transport for the people of Denmark.

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bönström bönström|28.04.23|11:08

Electrification, yes, but a resilient, a robust!
Railways, now claiming partner, at high quality intermodal, now longer may remain – the low quality mode!
Robust modes, continuously upgrade. Accordingly, clients demand added quality, for lower costs, etc., etc.
(Low risk, minimal disturbings, now is high quality, at high quality supply chains, where On Time is a must…)
For not “cementing”, investments at infrastructure have to prove, as well resilient, as redundant, thus safely upgradeable!

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