Adif implements Erex solution for energy measuring

Adif train, source: Adif

Spanish rail infrastructure manager Adif has implemented the Erex software solution. It provides more accurate calculations of the electricity consumed by the rail sector. Spain became the eighth European country to use this solution.

According to the EU requirements, all trains should be given an opportunity to use the regenerative braking energy starting from this year. In order to take into account this type of energy and provide the railway undertakings with more standardised and accurate bills, the Erex software solution has been developed by the Norwegian rail infrastructure manager Bane NOR. With the help of the mentioned solution, railway undertakings are able to reduce energy consumption by 15-30 per cent.

“The modern trains can produce energy during braking. We have developed a simple technology that measures the exact energy consumption of trains anywhere in Europe. Thus, the train companies can save money on running the trains energy-friendly,” said Dyre Martin Guldbrandsen, director of energy trading at Bane NOR Energi and the chairman of the Eress partnership, the association that promotes this innovative solution. Spain joined the Eress partnership and started to use the Erex system since 1 January 2020.

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Erex modular settlement, source: Eress partnership
Erex modular settlement, source: Eress partnership

Eress partnership

Initially, the Erex solution has been implemented by the Nordic countries. To simplify the process and to provide a better exchange of information, the Eress partnership was established in 2004. This non-profit association of the rail infrastructure managers was founded by Bane NOR (Norway), Banedanmark (Denmark) and Trafikverket (Sweden). Eventually, the list of members was expanded with four participants: Infrabel from Belgium, Liikennevirasto from Finland, SBB from Switzerland and Vivens (Dutch railway energy procurement cooperative) from the Netherlands. “The Eress organisation has seen continual growth recently, and the fact that Spain is running its data on the Erex system again confirms that we are absolutely prepared to satisfy even the most demanding requirements,” Gulbrandsen summed up.

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