Platform and passengers at Manchester Piccadilly

Sceptical response to “reannounced” UK transport funding package

Not even one looking up. Here's one we did earlier. Platform and passengers at Manchester Piccadilly Image Network Rail Media Centre

Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister, chose Monday to visit the North East of England. The publicity for the visit revolved around what he called a 4.7 billion pound (5.5 billion euro) redeployment of funds from the cancelled northern leg of the HS2 high-speed rail project. Sunak said it would transform transport across the North and Midlands. Sceptics said: so would HS2 before you cancelled it.

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Author: Simon Walton

Simon Walton is UK correspondent for and

1 comment op “Sceptical response to “reannounced” UK transport funding package”

bönström bönström|28.02.24|10:38

For meeting new threats, cyber, etc., etc., added funding, soundly and sustainably, has to be provided.
Accordingly, “gravel in machinery” has to be outed, as the currently devastatingly “cemented”, by standards at “state of the art” railways!
(Standard does not withstand todays traffic, a fact advocated – for extra upon majority…)
HS2 is intriguing, but now a New Old Railway is the requested!
A pity it is, but until this, simply railway speed and load has to remain low – and limited!

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