200 new Škoda trams for Prague

Visualisation of the trams in a depot Škoda press release

Prague is set to receive up to 200 cutting-edge Škoda ForCity Plus Praha 52T trams. The Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) has inked an eight-year contract with Škoda Group for 40 trams initially, with an option for an additional 160. Valued at nearly CZK 16.602 billion (about 673 million euros), this contract is among the largest investments in DPP’s tram history. The first 20 trams are expected in December 2025, followed by 20 more a year later.

The Škoda ForCity Plus Praha 52T is a one-way, five-part,low-floor tram designed for optimal passenger comfort. Featuring a sleek design by Škoda Group’s team, led by Tomáš Chludil, this 32-metre-long tram offers a fully accessible passenger compartment without a single step, including above the bogies. It includes green air conditioning, an anti-collision system, automatic passenger counting, energy-efficient LED lighting, and 70 padded seats, increasing capacity by almost 16 percent, compared to previous models.

To address Prague’s unique challenges, the tram’s design incorporates a multi-link structure with pivoting bogies, ensuring adaptability to various track profiles. This design is meant to enhance passenger comfort and contribute to longer service life, potentially achieving up to 50 per cent more wheel mileage than the previous 15T trams. The Škoda ForCity Plus Praha 52T is also equipped with advanced safety features, including an anti-collision system and sustainable braking technology. The tram’s components are drawn from Škoda’s successful projects, collaborating with several Czech companies through subcontracting. Technical parameters include a length of 31.99 metres, a width of 2.5 meters, a total vehicle capacity of 243 at 5 persons per square meter, and a design speed of 80 kilometres per hour.

“Although Prague and DPP have purchased new trams type 14T and 15T in the past twenty years, they served to renew the fleet as a replacement for unviable high-floor trams, but not to increase the number of available vehicles. At a time when new lines were hardly built in Prague, this could have been enough. But we have started a tram boom in Prague. We are building new lines, last year we opened three lines with a total length of five kilometres, and we are preparing more. This year, for example, we will start building on Wenceslas Square. The new lines alone, which we plan to build in the period 2024-2027, will need 45 new trams.” says Zdeněk Hřib, 1st Deputy Mayor of the capital city of Prague for Transport and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DPP.

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Author: Emma Dailey

Emma Dailey is an editor at RailTech.com and RailTech.be.

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Jorge Rojas-Chacón|15.01.24|15:45

Skoda, magnificent machine. Very good.

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