Rolling stock maintenance of Alstom

Alstom works on creating a maintenance network in Europe

Alstom workers maintain Italo trains in the Nola depot, Italy, image: Alstom

Setting up a maintenance and knowledge network for rolling stock equipment and signalling is one of the things Alstom is working on. “Locomotives already run all over Europe, and by linking our own workshops, certifications and systems together we aim towards making one platform”, says Frank Strik, managing director service Benelux at Alstom in an interview with Dutch sister publication SpoorPro.

Alstom does maintenance on trains and locomotives in many countries, including the Netherlands. The company ultimately wants to link maintenance sites and create a network across Europe. “Locomotives already run all over Europe, the ambition is to create much more high-speed traffic in Europe, and that also means that from a service point of view we have to enable our customers to support them across borders. We do that with automation, but also by linking our own workshops, certifications and systems together to make it one platform”, says Strik.

Linking locations in Germany and the Netherlands

A start has already been made with this, namely linking freight wagon maintenance workshops. “We have created a bridge between the Salzgitter workshop in Germany and with our location in Rotterdam, so that our customers can have maintenance carried out in both places under one contract”, says Strik. Alstom took over the company Shunter to increase their maintenance capacity, which is specialised in maintenance of freight rolling stock and is located in port city Rotterdam. It takes on over 1,000 locomotives, railcars and wagons a year for maintenance, overhaul and damage repair.

Alstom facility in Rotterdam for rolling stock maintenance

Coupling the two locations allows freight operators to choose which location is most convenient for their maintenance at the time, depending on where they are with their wagons at the time. “That provides a lot more flexibility, and the plan is to expand this network even more, including more locations in the Netherlands for maintenance and services”, adds Strik.

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bönström bönström|11.10.22|14:24

Frequent repairing, “optimal maintenance”…, current mantra, regrettably tells about a best f. date system.
Standards, optimal long before the “Toyota Case” and “JIT”, no longer are!
(Within Supply Chains, where transports is vital, now low risk is high quality!)
Not even core clients of railways, affords not caring about “eta”. (Current, unplanned stops, disturbings, are too costly!)
A New Old Railway, since long, is needed! (“Better” and comparatives, means “cementing” – and is devastating.)

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