Tended wearable device

SPL Powerlines UK to implement geofencing technology

Tended wearable device locating track workers and warning when they leave the geofenced zone Tended

SPL Powerlines UK is set to integrate Tended geofencing technology Bedfordshire and the East Midlands to enhance the safety of its trackside workforce.

A key risk faced by trackside workers is the loss of situational awareness, which can significantly elevate the risk of accidents or near misses. Tended geofencing solution, developed in collaboration with Network Rail. Track workers receive alerts through audio, visual, and haptic signals if they deviate from safe working limits, mitigating the risk of human error in trackside operations.

Daily exposure to high-risk conditions

SPL Powerlines UK specialises in overhead line equipment provision for standard and high-speed mainline railway routes, and is a member of the Powerlines Group. Given the challenging nature of their work close to open lines and potential electrical hazards, SPL Powerlines employees face daily exposure to high-risk conditions.

SPL Powerlines will utilise an online dashboard to delineate safe working areas in advance of on-site activities in Bedfordshire and the East Midlands. This encompasses identifying safe site access points, delineating working zones at a safe distance from open lines, and establishing boundaries around isolation limits to confine teams within areas where electrical current has been isolated. This approach supports so-called Form C working by allowing planners to define safe work zones for those operating within 2.75 metres of 25 kV overhead lines.

Additionally, SPL Powerlines will use the technology to precisely position static assets, monitor the movement of on-track plants and machines, and improve overall safety and efficiency.

Author: Emma Dailey

Emma Dailey is an editor at RailTech.com and RailTech.be.

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