Deutsche Bahn tightens up inspection of sleepers

Concrete sleepers in Germany all have to be inspected, including these in Saxony Falk2 / WikiMedia

The various inspection rounds of sleepers across Germany in recent months have resulted in new, tightened procedures at Deutsche Bahn (DB) regarding future inspections. Sleepers have been at the centre of attention since last year’s deadly derailment in the state Bavaria.

Investigations have thus far revealed that the presence of faulty sleepers cannot be ruled out as a contributing factor to the 2022 derailment that left 5 people dead. DB is still in the process of inspecting 180.000 sleepers nationwide. If potential problems are identified, the regular set of measures such as speed restrictions, route closures and immediate replacement will also remain. These inspections have resulted in a new practice that will particularly centre upon sleepers that contain a special additive. DB maintains that the tighter regulations come on top of what are already stringent inspection procedures.

The inspection rounds have led to more than traffic restrictions at 168 locations at least, and compensation will have to be paid to operators affected by the delays. Last August, DB said the resulting financial damage would end up in the hundreds of millions.

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1 comment op “Deutsche Bahn tightens up inspection of sleepers”

bönström bönström|24.03.23|10:32

Above photo raises questions.
Different dimensions, is seen, compared the nearby sleeper, an old?
(If those bigger are new and replacing a damaged, it is not just about a “special additive”, or?)
Regardless which, “immediate replacements” fits too well into “optimal maintenance”, current “deed of neccesity” – at a track concept, not optimal, even worse short of redundancy (with no margins) – now calling for costly, suboptimal repairing- and, already at last century, due for being outed…

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