Concept of Russian high-speed train, source: Russian Railways (RZD)

New Russian high-speed train will be ready in 2028

Source: screenshot from video of Russian Railways (RZD)

A new high-speed train with a speed of up to 400 kilometres per hour, which is being developed by Russian Railways and Sinara, should be manufactured and certified by 2028. 

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Author: Esther Geerts

Former Editor

2 comments op “New Russian high-speed train will be ready in 2028”

Alan Edwards|18.08.21|20:57

It is a significant increase of speed from the current trains with a top speed of 250km/hour to trains operating at a top speed of 400km/hour, especially bearing in mind the extremes of temperature and weather conditions including snow and ice, so a lot of testing and simulation will probably be required before train operations can start. Quite a challenge.

Charles Alban|11.06.23|10:35

Seems to me they’d be better off developing double stack container trains routes like USA rather than highly expensive high speed trains with dubious returns. The TranSib should be double stack.

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New Russian high-speed train will be ready in 2028 |