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Vossloh to provide Deutsche Bahn with 600 switches

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Vossloh’s Customised Modules division and Deutsche Bahn signed a four-year framework agreement for at least 600 switches, on 30 November 2023.

Vossloh signed their first four-year framework agreement for complete switches with firmly committed delivery quantities with Deutsche Bahn. Over the next four years, Vossloh’s Customised Modules Division will supply at least 600 switches to the German rail giant. In parallel, Vossloh will continue to supply DB with switch components.

“As a traditional German company, it is particularly important to us to contribute to advancing the railways as the most sustainable mode of mass transportation in this country as well, thus creating an important basis for achieving the European climate targets”, said Oliver Schuster, CEO of Vossloh.

DB network modernisation

Deutsche Bahn’s network is the largest rail network in Europe and is currently undergoing an extensive modernisation program to renew its rail network and expand its infrastructure. The objective is to increase the capacity of the high-performance network while reducing disruptions by 80 per cent.

In September, an existing contract between Vossloh and Deutsche Bahn for preventive rail maintenance was renewed and expanded. As part of this collaboration, Vossloh will use High-Speed Grinding (HSG) technology to grind a minimum of 13,000 kilometres of heavily used track links within the high-performance network in 2024. The HSG technology incorporates real-time data collection and analysis during each pass, facilitating the shift from time-based to condition-based maintenance.

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Author: Emma Dailey

Emma Dailey is an editor at RailTech.com and RailTech.be.

2 comments op “Vossloh to provide Deutsche Bahn with 600 switches”

bönström bönström|16.12.23|22:24

“Sustainable mode”, hm…
(What happens when DB Schenker, no longer provides cash needed at DB Cargo, etc.?)
At “transit zones”, all along track system, at switches, etc. track standard, for sake of safety, etc., now call for frequent “maintenance”.
(“RCF”, simply fatigue of rail…, due to excessive forces and stress, reactive, is attended by grinding…, etc.)
Until root of fatigue is attended and outed, regrettably railway will depend upon subsidies, and remain a not sustainable mode.

bönström bönström|18.12.23|03:48

Where “hung sleepers” appear, at each side of such, by “nature”, sleepers provide support for those now hanging. (“Transitzones”, now are constructed, with big sleepers.)
Big – and not anymore optimal sleepers – is a problem, as serious as any transverse culvert, or any sudden added track stiffness, by switches etc…, and Root of “RCF”- of Symptom – the now attended and maintained – by “maintenance”.
A new, a now optimal sleeper system, simply a New Old Railway, a sustainable, is needed!

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