Track Access Charges Summit 2018

The Netherlands

Stefan Marschnig TU Graz

‘We invite you to join this conference about new developments in Track Access Charges’

Stefan Marschnig
Graz University of Technology

At the 4th edition of the Track Access Charges Summit 2018 that takes place 4-5 April in the Netherlands, industry leaders will discuss TACs in great detail. Expert speakers of infrastructure managers, railway undertakings, and vehicle producers will present their views, solutions and new insights on costs, mark-up and incentives of Track Access Charges. You will meet other TAC professionals and will be able to share your experience at this high-level conference.

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The Track Access Charges Summit 2018 offers a unique podium to discuss best practices, latest regulations, cost calculation methods and to share experience related to Track Access Charges.

The past three TAC conferences have been characterised by open and fruitful information and discussions. It increases one’s awareness of the importance of the track access charge topic hearing colleagues’ ideas and challenges. The financial flow between railway train operators and infrastructure manager is a major key to achieve technical sustainability and lowest possible system cost consequently.

The latest EU directives and implementing regulations for Track Access Charges (TAC) aim to reduce the costs of railway operations and to harmonize TAC’s throughout Europe. The use of track-friendly rolling stock is stimulated through lower TAC’s which result in lower overall transport costs essential to competing with other transport modalities.

It seems that direct cost calculation still is kind of magic box comparing the values in different countries.
Additionally, mark-ups are everything else than harmonised. By simply looking at market segments identified by different IMs, it turns out that the new legal framework did not help to derive more uniform charges in the EU.


During this high-level conference, expert speakers will inform you about the latest developments on the following themes:

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Our programme managers ensure the review and preparation of a high-quality program with a variety of international speakers.

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