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At the 3rd edition of the Track Access Charges Summit at 4-5 April 2018 you will learn about the implementation of those new directives. Expert speakers will present their views and solutions. You will meet other TAC professionals and will be able to share your experience at this high-level conference.

The Track Access Charges Summit 2018 offers a unique podium to discuss best practices, latest regulations, cost calculation methods and to share experience related to Track Access Charges.

The latest EU directives and implementing regulations for Track Access Charges (TAC) aim to reduce the costs of railway operations and to harmonize TAC’s throughout Europe. The use of track-friendly rolling stock is stimulated through lower TAC’s which result in lower overall transport costs essential to competing with other transport modalities.


The strict separation between direct costs and mark-ups is specifically addressed. This may lead to a harmonization of TACs throughout Europe, as the direct costs of a train run (wear and tear based costs) shouldn’t differ significantly from infrastructure manager to infrastructure manager. Furthermore, the implementing regulation gives room for many more detailed, vehicle based charges.

Alongside the possibility of focusing on damage processes in the interaction of vehicle and track, this could be used for incentivising track-friendly vehicle technologies which could lead to lower overall system costs and, therefore, improved competition within the transport mode railway.

Setting mark-ups should be seen in the context of both the competitiveness of the railway transport services in the inter-modal competition, and of the infrastructure manager’s financial situation. Public infrastructure funding plays a major role, and could change the question of ‘what the market can bear’ to ‘what the market has to bear’. The regulator’s position has changed substantially in favour of the new regulation when it comes to TACs. The detailed reviewing of track access charges could help to increase transparency, and might also lead to fewer complaints in the future.

Industry leadership

At the TAC Summit 2018 industry leaders will discuss TACs in great detail, and will highlight the different points of views of infrastructure managers, railway undertakings, and vehicle producers. As previous Track Access Charges conferences in 2011, 2013 and 2015 have shown, it is worth making the effort to debate this topic at a European, system-wide level.

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