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Moderus Beta single-section tram for Tramwaje Śląskie

More short trams in Polish cities

The single-section low-floor tram developed by Modertrans Poznań is becoming more popular among the public transport operators in Poland. Four short vehicles run on the streets of Elbląg. In March this type of trams will...Read more
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New Polish shortened tram on homologation tests

Polish manufacturer Modertrans Poznań has assembled the first one-car tram of Moderus Beta series. The partial low-floor vehicle was delivered to the city of Łódź for the homologation tests. For the regular service, this type...Read more
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Moderus Gamma LF 03 AC BD tram, source: MPK Poznań

New Polish tram debuts in Poznan

The public transport operator MPK Poznań has introduced into service the Moderus Gamma LF03AC BD tram. It is a new type of the bidirectional low-floor vehicle manufactured by Modertrans Poznań, the operator’s subsidiary focused on...Read more
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