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Renfe to upgrade and modernise 43 train sets

Renfe has commissioned Talgo to upgrade its Class 730 trains and Class 130 units. The interiors will be modernised for increased passenger comfort. The overhaul will be carried out at Talgo’s factory in Madrid.Read more
|Comment|author: Nick Augusteijn

United Arab Emirates gear up for rail

BackgroundWealthy, modern and prospering: three things that most would agree apply to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Yet a railway network is absent, save for the metro and tram in Dubai. But that is all...Read more
|Comment|author: Nick Augusteijn

The journey of the Maglev train

BackgroundThe floating Maglev train has a long history, and developing the revolutionary technology does not go as frictionless as the trains float over the tracks. What are some of the most notable Maglev projects in...Read more
|Comment|author: Esther Geerts