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Halberstadt introduces new train coupling assembly tool

Changing train couplings is both tricky and cumbersome, as the couplings sometimes reach as far as three metres into the body of the train. Pry-bars, ropes, or just improvisation can come into play. To overcome these challenges, Halberstadt Rail has developed a variety of tools to help in the shop, so blood pressure is kept at healthy levels and accidents are avoided.

“It is not easy to get the coupling into a train, and even more difficult to get it out of a train for maintenance”, says Timm Marienhagen, managing director of Halberstadt Rail. Therefore, the company has been working on a prototype of a tool to make this process easier. The height-adjustable cart can be moved sideways to make the difficult process of placing the train coupling into the train easier.

Halberstadt Rail is currently field-testing the equipment, and plans to do more try-outs to test it in train workshops. The company is open to provide interested parties with a prototype of the train coupling solution to test it out in the field.

The train coupling assembly tool by Halberstadt Rail, which is currently being tested

Maintenance bogies

Whenever a train is brought into a maintenance shop, oftentimes the wheels and other parts from the underside of the train need to be replaced. It’s then being lifted up to remove the bogie, which holds all the wheels, gearboxes and other components. Because it is inefficient for the train to keep up the space in the maintenance shop area, it is economical to get it ‘out of the way’. That’s where a maintenance bogie comes in, which Halberstadt Rail specialises in. It is placed under the train so it can be moved to another place.

Bogies have become increasingly sophisticated and improved over the years, says Marienhagen. “Today’s maintenance bogies climb ramps, pass through switches and allow for turns as well. They come for locomotives and for trains and with entire sets being available, can move complete trains in and out of the workshop, all- the- while maintaining the original coupling height. All this makes for a safe work environment with fewer risks to personnel and material.”

A maintenance boogie of Halberstadt Rail

Various adapters may be fitted to the maintenance bogies, allowing for a range of vehicles to be moved. “We have many different adapters, which are put on a standard base, which we have both on stock.” Since last year, the maintenance bogies can also be rented from Halberstadt. “We always have a variety of maintenance bogies on stock to better react to a fast-paced work environment”, says Timm Marienhagen. “Customers can rent the equipment for a particular job, thus having complete cost transparency for the maintenance work. No capital investment has to be made this way, and the tried and tested maintenance bogies are immediately available”.

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