‘What are you doing here?’

This question might arise when you find our stand. For one thing is for sure: you don’t expect a stand on faith at a trade show as RailTech. But if you consider this more specifically, you find out that everyone has a believe in anything or anyone, even an atheist. So do all those thousands of people on RailTech. Among them many Christians, who usually don’t display what drives and motivates them deeply. But who are also not ashamed when it comes to talk about it. For you can find Christians everywhere, even at the railways.

Let’s explain why we are happy to be here at RailTech. As ‘rail Christians’, we are not only railway enthusiastic professionals, but also enthusiastic believers. Besides all the knowledge and innovative developments presented at RailTech, we are convinced that there are more things in heaven and earth than only overhead lines!

We certainly have no answers to all life questions, we after all are just ordinary railway colleagues. We also do not pretend to have a monopoly on truth. But we have met Someone who Himself claims to be the Truth. About Him we are excited, He gives us hope in this sometimes hopeless world.

We want to share this hope and perspective. Hence our presence on RailTech together in a combined German / English / Dutch stand of CVDE / IRM / Rail Christians. If you simply wish to have a look or chat or want to get a nice railway calendar: welcome to booth 4.001!

Maarten Pijnacker Hordijk

Author: Bart Pals

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