Railway startups speak about their participation at RailTech Europe 2017

Startup: Neuron Soundware
Martin Křivánek, COO
Country: Czech Republic

What are your aims from appearing at RailTech Europe?

We want to showcase our technology to potential partners and customers. We build software and IoT devices which understands audio. We have already used our technology in several projects in the rail sector. For example escalator issues detection and predictive maintenance in the train stations for Deutsche Bahn or acoustic based diagnostic of point machines for Siemens Mobility.

How important is it for the rail sector to keep pace with technology?

Artificial intelligence is challenging many traditional fields and enabling devices to be more effective than before. Neuron soundware is a technology AI company challenging the traditional predictive maintenance techniques using artificial intelligence for industrial sound analytics. We can monitor and listen to individual components of machines. This allows customers to save money on maintenance and expensive replacement of faulty machines.

Startup: Railvision
Ran Maya, V.P. Business Development
Country: Israel

1. What are your aims from appearing at RailTech Europe?

Being the developers of a highly innovative solution for long range obstacle detection system we seek intensive interactions with the railway industry in order to learn more about costumers needs, wishes and current way for handling obstacles during operation.
The more we learn the better our final product specification will be. Exhibiting at RailTech is a great opportunity to discuss with railway professionals, share and collect Info. In those talks we are repeatedly overwhelmed by the amount down time and sunk costs currently embedded in railway operation due to obstacles in operation. Our system dramatically reduces the negative aspect of Obstacles, thus improving operational safety, security and revenue.

2. How important is it for the rail sector to keep pace with technology?

railway industry is in an era of fierce competition. Keeping up to the edge of technology is no longer a privilege it’s a must. the need to stand out is greater. Automotive industry is rapidly moving into Autonomous vehicles. It will make car travel more efficient and pleasant. Railways can’t afford to stay behind or in the intermediate-long term it will lose markets. RailVision provides a long range obstacle detection system for distances greater than 1 Km, with a unique classification and alert algorithm. The system is at its best in extreme weather conditions, night etc. so again, yes- technology is a must. It is technology that can classify smartly in real time if a person standing near the track is at risk to be hit (and recommend immediate actions (Horn, slow, emergency break etc.) or despite being around the tracks there is no practical risk. There is a growing diversity of rolling stock and infrastructure OEMS

3. How important is an event like RailTech Europe 2017 as a way of sharing best practice?

We are a young company. Railway business is composed of many knowledge elements accumulated over many years, so defiantly we are eager to learn & share best practice with experienced operators from all over, hear the OEM’s insights and feel the railway ecosystem. We know that when costumers see our video footage of pilots and filed test we conducted in several countries (including with DB & Trenitalia) they are very impressed. It makes them think rapidly how could such innovation improve their business. The sales cycle in railways is long, so this early timing also fits us, as our product is not yet completed and the early adopters have greater opportunities to have customization.

Startup: Semiotic Labs
Simon Lagers, Founder
Country: the Netherlands

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Author: Steven Don

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