Zeus on RailTech Europe 2017 Exhibition

Since the acquisition in June 2015, Zeus Beton has manifested itself as a significant player in the Rail Infrastructure market.
 As a certified manufacturer, Zeus has over 15 years of experience, and with the establishment of
 Zeus Rail-Infra, a company represented by Gerben Companje, we are a party you can no longer ignore.

As part of Zeus, it benefits from the expertise, knowledge and capabilities that Zeus Beton and Zeus Metal have to offer.

One of the distinctive qualities of Zeus Rail-Infra is the unburdening of the contractor. 
This allows Zeus Rail-Infra to offer the client a wide range, including:

  • Catenary Foundations
  • Platform Retaining Walls
  • Cable Ducting and Accessories
  • Foundation as part of train protection
  • Crushed stone and paving
  • Complete platform paving including tiles with floor markings and other pavements

Also for innovative future solutions Zeus Rail-Infra is the party for you, a clear example of this is the recently certified 3 kV cable protector “Juger”, which was created based on the demand of ProRail and the contracting industry. We also focus on solutions in renewable energy, the preservation of products in order to reduce pollution and graffiti and the development of sustainable white cups on platform retaining walls. In addition, we examine the possibilities for noise control on a platform.

Partly due to the complete range in the assortment, fast deliveries throughout the Netherlands and the high quality customised solutions, Zeus Rail-Infra offers added value for every rail contractor.

Zeus Rail-Infra is exhibiting at Railtech Europe 2017 and is looking forward to welcome you.

RailTech Europe 2017

Author: Rob Vos

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