ROBEL 62.05 Vertical Tamper. Sets Ballast in Motion

Vertical Tamper with petrol, electric, accu and hydraulic motor for a lasting correction of track level errors beneath steel, concrete and wooden sleepers.

Trains worldwide are running at ever shorter intervals. Track level errors that are not cleared immediately can lead to significant damages of the track system which result not only in speed restrictions but often also in substantial wear of rail-bound vehicles. The systematic tamping of the ballast bed with hand guided machines is an efficient way to punctually correct track level errors and thus save infrastructure cost.

The 62.05 ROBEL vertical tampers establish a stable track geometry in less than two minutes per sleeper. Ballast and sleepers remain intact, the rails are free for traffic again. It is not only performance and tamping result that count for ROBEL. There is also a strong focus on the security and health of the operators working the machine.

The new way of hand tamping

The ROBEL patent-registered 2-level vibration decoupling makes sure that the strong vibration required for ballast compaction is reduced to a minimum impact on the user. Metal rubber elements between the vertical tamping tool and the bow-type handle are responsible for additional shock absorption.

The motor of the 62.05 vertical tamper is surrounded by a hand rail for easy handling during work process and transport. The operator stays ergonomically upright during the whole tamping process. At the same time, the hand rail protects the motor from mechanical damage. There is a cover for thermal shielding as well as, for all petrol-driven models, a routing solution that leads exhaust gas downwards and thus away from the operator. All movable parts, the driving shaft and the rotating eccentric are jacketed to make the vertical tamper fit for rough worksite conditions.
The considerably reduced noise and exhaust emissions are an additional bonus for man and environment.

Different customer needs depending on operation site, working conditions and required maintenance effort call for different tamping tools. By providing a complete series of vertical tampers, ROBEL meets the demand of any construction site.

  • The model with 2-stroke petrol engine is the right choice for heavy maintenance work and large sites.
  • The emission free electric and accu powered versions are custom designed for use in tunnels, undergrounds or residential areas.
  • Selective work at few sleepers or frequent site changeovers require an easy to handle low weight tamper, such as the 62.05 Light with a total weight of only 19 kg.
  • The Vertical Tamper family is completed by a hydraulic driven model, applied mainly within maintenance systems such as the ROBEL Mobile Maintenance Train 69.70.

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Author: Bart Pals

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