One-stop Company for Multidisciplinary Railway Services

In February 2016 Verebus Engineering and Two-B engineering moved into a new office in Utrecht together. In this way they can provide multidisciplinary services to the rail sector as a one-stop company. Partners B-next, Dutch Rail Control (DRC) and Logitech share workplaces in the office as well. In addition to the strengthened cooperation all companies will continue to operate independently on the market. At Railtech Europe 2017 you can meet all of them in one booth.

Multidisciplinary offer

Two-B is a specialist in the field of cables and pipelines (cables and ducts) while Verebus is an accredited company in the field of railway signalling. Business Unit Manager Jakob Scholten of Verebus: “With Two-B, and the other partners, we offer a complete range of services for railway projects. We will provide ProRail and the railway contractors a one-stop ‘shop’ for multidisciplinary projects.”

Managing Director Theo Bliekendaal of Two-B adds: ” Since 2009 we have been working on many projects together with Verebus. Sharing a workplace together means that communication and cooperation between our employees will be much easier.”


The other companies in the office in Utrecht are B-Next, an established specialist in the field of telecommunications and ICT infrastructure, Dutch Rail Control (DRC), an engineering company focused on traction power supply and overhead line design and Logitech, which specializes in permanent way design. 
All five cooperate in joint initiatives for the CO2 Performance Ladder and the Safety Ladder of ProRail.

Scholten: “In order to achieve good results you will need to look critically at your own work and processes, but also those of the business partners with whom you work.”


Bliekendaal: “In a rail project, where Two-B and Verebus were involved, it was necessary to add an extra overhead line suspension portal. A cable bed was in the way and had to be rerouted. Normally this implicates you have to cut and weld the cables, which is very labor-intensive. With the help of colleagues the suspension portal was lifted to move the cable bed. It’s an additional investment in the design phase, but in the end it saves a lot of money.”

Scholten: “It is possible to realize this kind of improvements when people know each other’s skills and the cooperation on all levels is well organized. Sharing an office together gives an extra boost to our business.”


Two-B Engineering is an engineering consultancy in the field of cables and pipelines and specialized in railway infrastructure technology. The activities range from project management, supervision, design, revision of to build documents to permits, track survey and regulations.


Verebus Engineering provides a range of services in building and maintaining safe and reliable railways, designing complete systems or installations and supervise realization. In addition to expert engineering, Verebus establishes requirements and technical specifications. Commissioning and validation activities are also part of the services, as well as providing technical information .


B-Next is an engineering and consultancy company in the fields of telecommunications and ICT infrastructure. B-Next offers consulting, project management, design, supervision and bid management. The management of telecommunication infrastructures can be done by B-next as well. The specialty is in the area of the rail, energy and broadband infrastructure.

Dutch Rail Control

Dutch Rail Control(DRC) is specialized in traction power supply and catenary (overhead line) systems for heavy rail infrastructures. Our scope includes site inspection till detail engineering. As a relatively small company, we can respond adequately to questions and wishes of our customers. We offer an unique combination of expertise, know-how and flexibility.


Logitech B.V. is an independent consulting and engineering firm that is specialized in issues and projects in the field of railinfrastructure and logistics. For decades we develop result-oriented  solid solutions for our customers; from idea to realization. Logitech is active in the field of research, development and construction, mainly railway construction and (rail-)terminaldesign.

Author: Bart Pals

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