Amsterdam Metro – North-South Line – Netherlands

In the Dutch capital Amsterdam, the North-South Metro Line will run 9.7 kilometres from the residential area in the North to the office locations in the South. To be designated Line 53, it will form an important transport artery through the central districts to connect suburbs north of the river IJ, with the Amsterdam Zuid transport interchange.

The new line will provide more direct journey possibilities and provide connection with Amsterdam Central Station and South-WTC railway station. To minimise disturbance to the surrounding environment and to the residents of Amsterdam a special rail fastening system is designed by Alom in close cooperation with contractor Volker Rail.

Alom 49 NZL rail fastening system

The 49NZL rail fastening system is a special designed indirect rail fastening system for light rail infrastructure with the possibility to adjust horizontally +/-6mm and vertically up to +28 / -20mm. Due to efficient engineering the systems is approved with just two anchor bolt in category “A” (bonded with Alom Fix epoxy adhesive) according to EN13481-part 5; 2012. The rail system has a stiffness of < 50MN/m.

Alom 49 NZL rail fastening system

For more information, please visit Alom at RailTech 2017 on 28-30 March.

Author: Bart Pals

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