Hop on for our Planet campaign for young people to join the rail industry

Hop on for our planet campaign Unife

Railway is changing the world for the good. It is by far the most sustainable mode of transport. The younger generation is more aware of climate change and would like to contribute towards a sustainable future”, chairman Henri Poupart-Lafarge of UNIFE stated as an opening line to kick off the Hop on for our Planet initiative. The Hop on for Our Planet is a campaign run by UNIFE, that was launched to attract young people to the rail industry. 

Hop on for our Planet has dedicated to gathering information on the views of Generation Z and how the rail industry will help combat climate change. Generation Z is the generation aged between 16 and 25. The survey was gathered from six different European countries: France, Italy, Germany, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands.

Hop on for our Planet

UNIFE launched the Hop on for our planet campaign to show how Europe’s rail industry is turning into a green future. Hop on believes that rail is the way to sustainable transport, innovative jobs and a lifetime of opportunity. The industry has big ideas, ambitions and unique research to share with Europe and the world.

The campaign event was launched digitally on October 21 at 10 am (CEST). The speakers are experts who shed light on continuing innovation in the railway industry. They all believe in attracting and retaining highly talented and skilled people in the European Rail Supply Industry. One of their focus points is on the younger generation and how the railway industry can help them make a difference towards a sustainable future. With an ongoing advancement in innovation and digitalization, the road towards a greener future can lie in their hands. Generation Z can grow and learn along with the rail industry.

Young generation

A part of the campaign was interviewing the young generation that already works in the rail industry. These young people explained how they see the importance of the rail industry and how it plays a huge role in combating climate change.

Mechanical Engineer, Antonella Fiori, who works at Lucchini RS talks about her work in the Steel Customer Service & Final Inspection Manager. Her focus is on producing wheels and railway axels. “I can sum up my job in three verbs: observe, control and analyze. I supply the railway industry because for me it is the perfect combination of my passion for steel making and teamwork. There is a dynamic and stimulating work environment with a lot of prospect of professional growth”, Antonella says. She explains that the rail industry is creating a sustainable future.

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Development engineer Ali Jamshidi who works at Strukton Rail shares his experience working with the rail industry. His position is track monitoring, performance analysis and maintenance decisions software systems. “What fascinates me in people working in the rail industry is the huge potential for action. You can find endless opportunities to get and share knowledge with others. A knowledge that brings peace to nature and comfort for modern societies.” He believes that the main goals are safety, comfort and future not only for humans beings but also for nature at the same time.

Generation Z

The campaign conducted a survey on Generation Z ( ages 16-25) and how they perceive the future of rail and if they would be a part of contributing to a sustainable future. The survey focused on 2,137 young people from Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands. The data also contained gender and age.

Questions that were asked were if they are interested in all the green jobs that the rail industry has to offer, how would they want lawmakers to support the EU Green Deal and Green Recovery with rail, how concerned are they about climate change and what can attract them to join the rail industry? The survey concluded that Generation Z wants to Hop On to studying and having a career to help the planet. The rail industry is ready to welcome them and believes that it can get Europe’s tech and green future on the fast track.


UNIFE is the association of the European Rail Supply Industry. It represents train builders and rail equipment suppliers advocating on behalf of more than 100 of Europe’s rail supply companies. These companies actively focus on design, manufacture, maintenance and refurbishment of rail transport systems.

UNIFE diversifies into all segments of Europe’s rail supply industry. From rolling stock manufacturers and infrastructure suppliers to the system integrator and engineering companies. The companies also commit to innovative technology to help with sustainable transport.

The full launch event of the Hop on for our Planet campaign can be found here:

Author: Sarah Chebaro

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