Train at Amsterdam station, source: ProRail

Dutch passenger trains set new punctuality record

Source: ProRail

Dutch passenger trains set a new punctuality record by reaching a mark of 91.4 per cent in 2018. This result ensured a rank of the Netherlands in the top three list of countries with the most punctual passenger rail transport. Other counties in the top three include Japan and Switzerland.

“The trains have never ridden so punctual in the Netherlands”, railway infrastructure manager ProRail reported. According to the government agency, performance on the regional lines was even higher. Last year, this figure reached 94.6 per cent while it was 93.9 per cent in 2017. High-speed trains showed punctuality of 82.7 per cent. “The figuresĀ  are good again, but this does not mean we can sit back. We need to improve ourselves continuously”, CEO of ProRail Pier Eringa said.

Failures and disruptions

Last year was also good in terms of the number of accidents. ProRail recorded a ten per cent decrease of great failures on the Dutch network. In 2018, the figure came down from 627 to 558. The decline has reached 20 per cent within the last five years. To reach the result, ProRail, inter alia, introduced special teams on the busiest routes.

The Dutch infrastructure body will continue to improve the performance on its network by investing in railway modernisation, especially in the Amsterdam area due to an enormous growth of Schiphol airport. Also, ProRail will carry on its campaign for eliminating external factors that cause train delays. The most important causes are trespassers, suicides and vandalism.

Author: Mykola Zasiadko

2 comments op “Dutch passenger trains set new punctuality record”

Rian van der Borgt|09.01.19|10:13

In the first sentence, it says: “91.4 per cent in 2018”
And then in the second paragraph: “Last year, this figure reached 94.6 per cent”.
So… which one is it?

Mykola Zasiadko|16.01.19|14:21

94.6 per cent means punctuality of regional trains, 91.4 per cent – a total passenger traffic

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