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Stationary trains and disrupted train tables are history thanks to train stored braking energy

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The Hedgehog System stores braking energy of trains in a huge battery pack which is part of the so-called Energy House. From the Energy House, there are several ways, through an intelligent Smart Grid, using the stored energy for charging electric buses and cars. Not surprisingly this results in enormous quantities of fuel savings, CO2 emissions are lowered dramatically and air quality is significantly improved.

In addition to these improvements in the field of environment the Hedgehog System also has another big advantage, one of logistical means preventing stationary trains and a disrupted train tables due to a (large) power failure. Not long ago, on Tuesday January 17th 2017, Amsterdam was hit by a major power outage which stopped working signals and switches resulting in trains that couldn’t ride. A disrupted schedule, duped travelers and lots of costs could have been prevented by the Hedgehog system.

The Hedgehog™ system feeds the catenary continue from the Energy House, whereby all signals and points can be operated at all times and trains can just continue riding, from their own stored braking energy, during a power failure from the grid. In addition, because of the huge amount of stored braking energy of trains, electric buses can also continue their timetables.

Want to learn more about the Hedgehog System? Please check or visit us at the 11th edition of RailTech Europe Exhibition 2017 on March 28, 29 and 30 in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Please register here.

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