German ministry of Transportation sets priority projects for DB

Railway works at switches, Bahnhof Hockenheim Germany

The Germany ministry of Transportation has laid out its priority projects for DB. Top priority will be assigned to a total of 181 infrastructure projects, which means they can now enter the planning stage. They represent a combined investment of 40 billion euros.

Some 3,6 billion will be directed towards improving public transport in and around Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest city. A new S-Bahn tunnel is to be built and improvements in rail capacity will be made for the regional and long-distance trains, as well as for freight transport.

More trains and shorter travel time

Capacity enhancements will also be made nation wide in order to allow more trains to run between major cities. For example, the ministry wants a shorter travel time between Fulda and Erfurt and raise the maximum speed between Hamm and Bielefeld to 300 kilometres per hour.

Transportation minister Andreas Scheurer is confident the infrastructure investments will pay off. “Each euro invested offers a return of 1,40”, he was quoted as saying by German media.

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Author: Nick Augusteijn

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1 comment op “German ministry of Transportation sets priority projects for DB”

Joachim Falkenhagen|25.08.21|14:03

Scheuer will be leaving the administration after the upcoming election. His successor will set up a new list of priorities. The large number of “181 infrastructure projects” cannot actually be called priority anyway.
In any case, some of the projects are highly disputed anyhow, just like he 300 km/h link between Bielefeld and Hannover, where the region prefers to extend the existing line to 4 tracks.

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