Dual Inventive and UNIFE join forces to digitally harmonise the European railways

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During the General Assembly in Paris, UNIFE (the European Rail Supply Industry Association) ratified Dual Inventive’s membership. The Oisterwijk-based company is the only Dutch member of this European organisation, which boasts more than a hundred member companies. Dual Inventive will work in collaboration with UNIFE to develop a single European standard for the digital harmonisation of the European railway systems.

“UNIFE is happy to have Dual Inventive joining the ranks”, Philippe Citroën, UNIFE Director General stated. “Their expertise in rail telecommunications will be essential to achieving the transformative shift to rail outlined by the European Commission in its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy. Doubling passenger rail transport by 2030 and tripling it by 2050 as highlighted in the European Green Deal, will require next generation technology developed by Europe’s suppliers. This will help make our railways even more reliable and safer. Inspiring a pervasive alteration of passenger preferences can best be achieved through investing in research and innovation and introducing greater digital harmonisation.”

“Cooperation on a European level is more necessary than ever to make the best use of the potential of our rail infrastructure. We must not only make the modal shift from road to rail, but also the mental shift from a National to a European approach in the management of our infrastructure. Together with UNIFE, we want to help the industry on its way towards a single European standard for IoT and digital solutions for track worker safety,” says International Affairs Manager at Dual Inventive Marleen van de Kerkhof.

Out-of-date infrastructure stands in the way of progress

With the train being the most sustainable mode of transport, rail has the potential to make a significant contribution to the climate objectives as outlined in the European Green Deal. However, most rail networks in Europe are a combination of various systems and out-of-date infrastructure, making it difficult to support the necessary growth in rail transport. This is why the European Commission has initiated the Single European Railway Area.

With this initiative, the Commission wants to improve the connection between the Member States and cooperation at European level. This should lead, among other things, to the implementation of European standards for managing the railway infrastructure. Having an interoperable railway infrastructure ensures more efficient use of the current infrastructure as well as improving safety for both track workers and passengers. Dual Inventive aims to contribute to the realisation of the Single European Railway Area in collaboration with UNIFE.

UNIFE and Dual Inventive

Dual Inventive specialises in technology products to make the rail infrastructure safer and more efficient, whilst maximising the available rail capacity and improving the reliability of the rail infrastructure. The Oisterwijk-based technology company has many years of international experience in making the workplace safer and more efficiently by providing fast and safe track access with its own proprietary European SIL 4 cloud and systems.

UNIFE represents the European Rail Supply Industry. The association advocates on behalf of more than 100 of Europe’s leading rail supply companies – from SMEs to major industrial champions – active in the design, manufacture, maintenance and refurbishment of rail transport systems, subsystems and related equipment. UNIFE also brings together national rail industry associations from 12 European countries.

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Author: Nick Augusteijn

Chief Editor, RailTech.com

3 comments op “Dual Inventive and UNIFE join forces to digitally harmonise the European railways”

bönström bönström|26.07.22|02:53

Line by line, urgently shall be upgraded, min. for the now, “JIT”, market, but as well with resiliency, for meeting future added competition, etc.
Cementing, at current standard, is devastating, thus accordingly:
Electrification, yes, but timely.
Risk for broken rails, basics…, safely, permanently, outed.
Noise shall be low.
Quality, On Time, comfortable riding, etc. pays.
(Within a 10 year period upgraded lines will have paid…)
Optimal performance, but of course – and always!

Michael Smith|26.07.22|19:25

Regarding “1 comment op” from “bonstrom bonstrom, 26 07 22, 02:53”:
“Line by line, urgently shall be upgraded, min. for the now, …”(etc.)

Was the comment above translated to English by the use of AI, a machine translation?

M Smith

bönström bönström|27.07.22|11:59

Dear Michael,
Thank You very much for comment!
Some severe, no longer timely, “bottlenecks”, technicalities, now have to be attended – and decisively outed!
(“Infrastructure stands in the way of progress”, as stated, by UNIFE… and agreed about?)
“Root” of “broken rails”, now needs to be outed. Sudden, unplanned stops, related current “mono structure” technique, for electrification, no longer is timely, etc.
Root shall be attended, not symtoms. “Cementing” is devastating!
Best regards

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