Submission deadline for the UIC Innovations and Research Awards is 15 september

The International Union of Railways launches the 3rd edition of its Innovation Awards. The award ceremony will take place in Saint Petersburg, Russia on 30 November, in a frame of the UIC statutory meetings. There are two more weeks left to apply for the UIC Innovation Awards as the deadline is set for 15 September 2016.

The UIC Innovation Awards were established in order to stimulate rail research towards innovation and research in rail. The ambition of the UIC Innovation Awards is to support the development of rail transport as the sustainable backbone of a transport system that is cost-efficient, reliable, safe and secure and will therefore become the mode of choice for passengers and freight forwarders.

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Call for candidates requirements

Organisations or individuals that feel they have contributed to the innovation of the railway system through their research activities are welcome to apply, under the condition that the results of the research project have been tested, demonstrated and proven beneficial in actual service.

The categories for submissions for the UIC Innovation Awards for rail research leading to innovations with proven implementation are:

  • Safety & Security
  • Sustainable Development
  • Rail System Technology
  • Rail Freight Services
  • Customer services
  • Cost reduction

More information on the general applications requirements here.

Furthermore there are two honorary categories, the Young Researcher Awards and the Lifetime Achievement Award. For the young researchers application, the nominated applicant needs to meet the following criteria: have successfully released railway research project, is no more than 30 years old, is involved in research activities, has published papers of scientific nature and has participated in scientific conferences, exhibitions or seminars. You can read more on the young researchers application requirements here.

UIC holds the awards in order to support and promote:

  • the development of theoretical, experimental and applied research in the railway sector;
  • the development of international cooperation in the field of rail research and innovation;
  • the promotion and attraction of leading experts from different countries, research institutes, universities, railway operators, infrastructure managers,
  • railway suppliers, passenger transport agencies, government bodies in charge of transport and individual researchers to address the most important problems and challenges of modern railways.

Through their efforts, UIC also supports and encourages gifted young researchers by stimulating their research work in the sphere of railway transport while also preparing a new generation of researchers who will eventually lay the foundations for future innovative development of railway transport.

Opportunities for sponsorship

Sponsoring the UIC Innovation Awards 2016 is an excellent opportunity to promote and present your organization among the global railway operators. Exhibitors have the potential to reach researchers from the rail transport operators, infrastructure managers, rail research institutes and academia specialized in rail research, rail supply industry, passenger transport (user-)organizations, public transport authorities and many more.

 Download now the sponsorship brochure with specific information about the sponsoring possibilities.

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Anticipate the future and propose your ideas to make rail the backbone of a sustainable transportation and mobility tomorrow!

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