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Join me at the official opening of RailTech Europe 2017 on 28 March

Roger van Boxtel
CEO Dutch Railways NS

RailTech Europe 2017 is reinventing itself and will focus on the future. In addition to the expo, a large and interesting free-of-charge workshop program also form part of RailTech Europe 2017. With career matchmaking between exhibitors and visitors, live (on-track) infrastructure demonstrations, train maintenance and rolling stock, Startup Fest and exclusive side visits and many other new features, RailTech Europe 2017 is bigger than ever.


RailTech Europe 2017 is organised in close cooperation with our valued partners in the Railway industry. These partnerships are of mutual interest and serve one goal: strengthening and facilitating knowledge exchange and to promote investments for all involved in the railway industry

We would like to invite you to attend RailTech Europe 2017!

Pier Eringa
Chairman of the Board of Directors of ProRail

Industry Partners


Exhibitors (alphabetical)

Host RailTech Europe 2017:

Media Partners

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Areas of Expertise

RailTech Europe is the meeting place for the entire railway industry and has divided the sector into four areas of expertise: Infrastructure & Construction, Rolling Stock, Technologies & Information Systems, and Public Transport. Each category is divided into sub-segments.

RailTech Infrasturucture & Construstion

Infrastructure & Construction

  • Assembly Techniques and Systems
  • Consulting, Certification and Engineering
  • Machinery, Tools and Equipment

RailTech Rolling Stock

Rolling Stock

  • Maintenance
  • Service and Refurbishment
  • Train Control Management Systems

RailTech, Technologies & Information Systems

Technologies & Information Systems

  • Train & Track Monitoring Systems
  • Big Data in Railway Operations
  • Communication Systems
  • ERTMS & Signaling

RailTech Public Transport

Public Transport

  • (Light-rail) Operators
  • Passenger Management and Services
  • Station and Surroundings

Impression RailTech Europe 2015 Expo

We are looking forward to meeting you in Utrecht, between 28-30 March 2017!