Rail-Tech 2015: Where technology meets the market!

Railtech 2015 Alstom Impression

The 10th edition of Rail-Tech will take place on 17, 18 and 19 March in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Rail-Tech is the largest rail exhibition in the Benelux and provides an international platform where technology and the rail market meet. Rail-Tech 2015 is supported by NS, ProRail and Railforum.

Conferences on Rail Safety & Compliance and ERTMS, promising to bring the European railway sector to the Netherlands, will run parallel to Rail-Tech 2015. By taking part in Rail-Tech 2015, we all share in the opportunity to advance rail technology and its benefits for the entire industry. Book your Stand today and secure your place at Rail-Tech 2015.

Encourage discussion about unsafe situations in railway industry

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Although everyone understands the value and necessity of rules for rail safety, in practice they can still be broken by rail companies. This can have disastrous consequences for the security of both passengers and rail workers... Read more
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“Looking over the borders for the ERTMS implementation”

In implementing ERTMS, the safety system, it’s not only problems in the Netherlands that need to be resolved – a look over the borders is also needed.  ‘’Each country in Europe has opted for a... Read more
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Pier Eringa, ProRail, directeur

Pier Eringa appointed CEO of ProRail

Pier Eringa (53) will be ProRail’s new CEO from April 1. Eringa is currently Chairman of the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Dordrecht and his previous roles include those of Chief of Police, Director of Public... Read more
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Jean Philippe de Rek Thales Transportation Systems

Train station’s link-up role underestimated in shutting Public Transport turn-styles

In the plans to shut the ‘OV-chipcard’ (the Dutch travel card for public transport) turn-styles we underestimated how a metro station plays a different role to a train station. So says Jean Philippe de Rek,... Read more
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Dutch Railway Investments 2015 and beyond

The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment is to invest 2.4 billion euros in the Dutch railway infrastructure in 2015. 1.2 billion will go to infrastructure management, maintenance and rail replacements. Approximately one billion euros will be... Read more
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New home for Rail-Tech 2015!

We are please to (re-) introduce you to Jaarbeurs Utrecht, the new home of Rail-Tech 2015. The multifunctional Jaarbeurs venue has a very extensive infrastructure and well-equipped halls for Rail-Tech and especially for the placement... Read more
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Railforum supports Rail-Tech!

Railforum is an organisation which functions as a think tank for 85 companies and organisations that contribute to the train/metro and tram transportation in the Netherlands. The central theme within this platform is to facilitate... Read more
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Independent professionals in the rail sector according to Roel van den Bosch

In the past 20 years, the rail market in the Netherlands has changed dramatically. In the early nineties of the last century, the large Dutch Railways group was responsible for all railway operations and used... Read more
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Imtech Traffic & Infra at work in Amsterdam

Imtech Traffic & Infra works as special subcontractor on the prestigious North-South metro line (NoordZuidlijn) in Amsterdam. In the project, Imtech Traffic & Infra is responsible for the complete traction system and medium voltage installations... Read more
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Do you know the current conditions of your switches and drives?

Failure of switches are the cause for a big part of the delays. Every minute of delay costs a fortune. Everyone is looking for reduction of delays, fast failure detection, increase of switch availability through preventive... Read more
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