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RailTech.com is a global platform for rail professionals to share their knowledge, learn about new technologies and rail projects. Initiator of RailTech.com is Europoint, which has been organising international rail conferences and exhibitions since 1997. 

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New dates for Rail Technology Conferences Paris

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20 November 2015 After consultation with the UIC we have decided to reschedule the conferences to the 26th, 27th and 28th of January 2016, taking place at the UIC Headquarters in Paris. Tuesday 26 January – Wheel/Rail... Read more
14.11.15 | Post a comment | by: Joan Blaas
Monitoring system, passenger train, Ricardo Rail

Permanent monitoring system on passenger train prevents track failure

Unexpected failures in track infrastructure result in big disadvantages for the traveler. A permanent monitoring system on board a double-decker train should ensure that Dutch infrastructure manager ProRail can replace track parts before they break.... Read more
04.11.15 | Post a comment | by: Marieke van Gompel
Composite panel of an Airbus plane, photo: Airbus.com

Construction composite train possible following regulation change

If a train’s car body is made of composite materials, the train’s weight will reduce by 20 to 30 percent. These weight savings will lead to lower energy consumption and a reduction of a least... Read more
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Train to Paris

Green initiatives in the build up to the UN climate conference

In November, the United Nations Conference on climate change will take place. Delegates from all over the world will work together on a new global climate treaty, the successor to the Kyoto Protocol. In the... Read more
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Groene trein, NS

Rail Technology Conferences support the UN Conference on climate change

Delegates from all over the world will travel to Paris in November to visit a serie of events in the build-up to COP21 United Nations Conference on climate change. Among these high-level events are the... Read more
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WILD, sensor, rail safety

‘Identification tags on trains need to be a European requirement’

“It would be great if there was a European requirement to equip trains with RFID tags”, says Juliette van Driel, Chain Director Wayside monitoring systems at ProRail. RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags enable the monitoring... Read more
04.09.15 | Post a comment | by: Marieke van Gompel
Crossrail rail, project, London, homes

First homes completed above Crossrail station

The first homes to be constructed above a new Crossrail station have been completed by Berkeley Homes in Woolwich at Royal Arsenal. More than a thousand homes will be constructed above the new Crossrail station... Read more
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